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    The professional product REFAL is a gel polish, extremely sturdy, which offers a wonderful shiny finish on nails.

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    The acrylic powders of REFAL series, give a perfect result due to their top quality. They are available in various shades.

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    REFAL Nail Art series offers for you products with fabulous designs and colors that will make your nails look like an artwork.

  • No featured products at this time.

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How to use

professional nail products REFAL

With a slight buffer pass over the nails. Apply Primer (on the perimeter around the nail) and let it dry for 20 seconds. Apply a layer of Gel-Polish Base and polymerize it for two minutes in a Lamp UV 36 watt. Apply a layer of colored Gel-Polish and polymerize it for two minutes. For a better and longer result, add a second layer of colored Gel-Polish and polymerize another two minutes. Apply as the last layer the Gel-Polish Top-Coat and polymerize it for two minutes. Remove the sticky layer with Non-Aceton and your nails are ready.

In each layer you apply, remember to give special care to the seal of the free edge and try always to have thin layers.